Allergen Immunotherapy is the closest thing currently available for a "cure" for allergy, reducing the severity of symptoms and the need for medication for many allergy patients.  


It is recommended for life threatening allergic reactions to stinging insect such as bee and wasps. It is also indicated for allergic rhinitis and asthma when symptoms are severe, medications are not working, or a patient cannot tolerate medications. There is recent evidence that it may work for eczema, but the benefit is limited.


Allergen Immunotherapy can be given to patients as an injection or as tablets, sprays or drops under the tongue (sublingual). It involves the regular administration of gradually increasing doses of allergen extracts over a period of 3-5 years.

Oral Immunotherapy for food allergies is promising but due to risks of adverse reactions its use is limited to research studies - and it is not available for general use in Australia.